Tour skating in Savitaipale


Savitaipale is a small village in the South-East of Finland. It is known about its floating businesses. There is a floating stone company Sorvikivi, floating candles made by Tuliniekka and of course the floating ice track with a minimum length of 5 km. The making of the track is already a tradition since 1998.

Usually a 2 days skating event is organized  at the beginning of the local ski-holiday week. One day for school pupils on Friday before the holiday and on Saturday for families or other adults. At the end of the event there is the night skating by torch light. The track is then lit by a around 100 torches/ large outdoor candles.

Our track was one of the first tour skating tracks in Finland, we won in 2004 the first prize for the best skating event in Finland and the track is the longest in South Karelia.  It is also the only track in Europe where you can skate during night by torch light! We have hosted the Finnish championship for marathon skating. Tour skating has become popular in Finland, so there are now many more tracks in many other places, but they are often short and without an event.

Depending on the weather and financial resources the track is maintained as long as possible after the event.

We offer skate rental for individuals or small groups (see välinevuokraus). It is also possible to rent the whole track for organizing your own event, competition or  for your company's recreation/training days.

The event inspires yearly around 1000 participants. This looks to you maybe not much, but for a village with less than 3900 inhabitants on 540 km2 and a remote location it is quite an achievement.

There is an airport at 40 km distance (Lappeenranta) with international flight connections by Ryanair and Air Baltic.

If you have any ideas or interests, do not hesitate to contact us!

Very much welcome at the event or the weeks after to enjoy tour skating!